Determining the Critical Success Factors for Highway Construction Projects in Pakistan

S. Sohu, A. A. Jhatial, K. Ullah, M. T. Lakhiar, J. Shahzaib


The success of construction projects is not only crucial to stakeholders but also for the country’s economic and social development. Critical success factors (CSFs) are considered as key to project management practices wich can lead to a construction project success. The aim of this research is to determine and rank the CSFs of highway construction projects in Pakistan. A deep literature review was carried out to determine a set of CSFs for construction projects. After that, a questionnaire based on found CSFs was designed and distributed among construction experts working in highway construction projects of Pakistan. Out of 250 distributed questionnaires, 130 were received completed and validated. Gathered data was analyzed through statistical software SPSS, and critical success factors were ranked based on their mean value. As a result, experienced project management team, effective site management, commitment of all parties to the project, experienced design team, and proper project planning have been determined as the top five critical success factors for highway projects in Pakistan. The findings of this research would help construction practitioners in understanding CSFs and to improve project performance.


critical; success; factors; highway; construction; projects; Pakistan

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