Reviewer Rewards

ETASR offers all its reviewers a 10% discount on its Standard Publication Fee.

We all know that peer-reviewing is a tiring and time consuming task, performed voluntarily by individuals of high expertise. As a token of appreciation for their time and effort, we offer our reviewers a 10% discount on our Standard Publication Fee.

To claim this reward, the corresponding author has to notify the editor accordingly using the comments-to-the editor box when submitting a manuscript. The corresponding author is expected to state the co-author that has performed a review for us in the past and the submission ID or title of the reviewed manuscript. If the submission is accepted, we will then check the review record of the author in our system to verify the claim and grant the discount.

ETASR participated in the ReviewerCredits Old Reward Center in an effort to promote the concept of different publishers providing tangible rewards to reviewers that have completed reviews for any participating publisher. ReviewerCredits have since changed their way of operating, but we will continue to honor our commitment to all reviewers that may have purchased a waiver code from the old ReviewerCredits Reward Shop for our journal. So, if you have a waiver code for ETASR purchased from them, state it in the Comments-to-the-Editor box upon submission and we will grant the 10% discount on our Standard Publication Fee (no questions asked).

Note that only one Reviewer Reward discount can be granted for each submission.