Troubleshooting & Info

Template Troubleshooting

If the link to our template appears to be dead or it is leading to a "forbidden" or "blank" page then please do a browser refresh or a browser hard refresh while navigating through our site or erase all the cache/cookies/history in your browsers related to our site.

Doing a hard refresh or clearing your cache/cookies/history is a very simple task and a simple web search should inform you on how to do it (if you do not already know).

In general most browsers use "control+F5" to hard refresh.
In some cases, the "shift" key may be used instead of the "control" key, and the "R" key instead of the "F5" key.
A combination of "shift+control+R" may also be used.

Please note that:
- different browsers may use different shortcut keys for refresh and hard refresh.
- the same browser may use different shortcut keys on different systems (e.g. Windows or Mac).
- shortcut keys are user defined in several browsers.


(New) 2023 Template Information

Template changes are generally kept to a minimum. However, since its introduction in 2011, we have made some minor revisions in our template. To design these changes we consider our own experience from working with our authors and the feedback from the community in general. The usual revisions are minor, made in an effort to either make the template easier to use by the authors or to solve issues that we experience repeatidly with submitted manuscripts. Such minor revisions are usually kept to a text based only. However, structural template changes have also been implemented. Most notably, a statement regarding the corresponding author was added in 2019 and a field regarding the handling dates was added in 2022. Our 2023 template incorporates some structural changes related to the authors names and affiliations field which is now written in single column (instead of double column) with the full name of each author now stated (i.e. the given name will no longer be abbreviated). This change will eradicate any confusion regarding the order of authors and will also help identify each co-author better. Along with these changes, we also made some minor text revisions and fixed a bug related to our table styles.