If the link to our template appears to be dead or it is leading to a "forbidden" or "blank" page then please do a browser refresh or a browser hard refresh while navigating through our site or erase all the cache/cookies/history in your browsers related to our site.

Doing a hard refresh or clearing your cache/cookies/history is a very simple task and a simple web search should inform you on how to do it (if you do not already know).

In general most browsers use "control+F5" to hard refresh.
In some cases, the "shift" key may be used instead of the "control" key, and the "R" key instead of the "F5" key.
A combination of "shift+control+R" may also be used.

Please note that:
- different browsers may use different shortcut keys for refresh and hard refresh.
- the same browser may use different shortcut keys on different systems (e.g. Windows or Mac).
- shortcut keys are user defined in several browsers.