Publication Fee

In order to keep ETASR open access and to manage the various costs associated with handling and editing of the submitted manuscripts and the Journal management and publication in general, a publication fee for each article accepted for publication has been set.

Our Standard Publication Fee (6 pages manuscripts) is 450.00 (EUR)*
*plus VAT if applicable (for B2C transactions only)


Please note:
1) The Standard Publication Fee covers a standard six page manuscript. For every additional page an extra fee of 75 EURO per page will be charged. 

2) For Business to Consumer (B2C) services (i.e. when the customer is a person/consumer and not a business/institution) the fee charged by us, will be increased by the Greek Value-Added Tax (VAT) according to Greek law and Council Directive 2006/112/EC. The Greek VAT is currently 24%. 

3) In case your institution pays directly for our services (B2B transaction) then our fee will not be charged with the VAT tax but the VAT charge will be accounted to them via reverse charge. In that case, we will require an official statement/letter from your institution accepting to pay the fee and stating all their legal information (title, address, TAX ID if applicable etc).  

4) ETASR collaborates with ReviewerCredits to offer reviewers a 10% discount on its Standard Publication Fee. The offer applies to all reviewers that complete a review for ETASR and have a ReviewerCredits account. ReviewerCredits is a free platform for tracking, validating and certifying peer reviews. The discount can be used only once for each submission. 

5) A partial waiver of author fees may also be decided by the editor in case of lack of funding, excessive length of submitted manuscript or other sound reasons provided by the author during submission. The corresponding author has to declare that a waiver is requested during the submission of the paper in the Comments to the Editor box. The exact amount has to be be stated and a solid justification has to be provided. Authors can not submit multiple waiver requests within the same year. A waiver will be denied if these rules are not followed.

6) Traditional bank transfer may take several weeks depending on the number of correspondent/intermediary banks used, the countries involved, the currency etc. The bank expenses required by the sender also varies. We have no control over these factors (you should check them with your bank).

7) In some cases, banks may even cancel transactions between certain countries due to laws in certain countries that prohibit such transactions or due to their internal rules. Although this is a rare case, please note that we have no control over that either (you should check them with your bank or ... simply perform a google search before trying).

8) Several of our clients choose to use alternative money transfer services (e.g. TransferWise, Skrill etc) that offer faster transactions and lower rates, and we can verify that we have not faced any problems with any such transaction/service up to today. We are not associated/connected to any of them, but we advice all our clients to check all the alternatives and choose the best fitting option for them.

9) In any case, please note that we can not consider a payment completed, and we will not further process any accepted submission, until the fee is actually received.

10) Regardless the service you used, make sure to state your submission ID number as a comment in your transaction order to help us identify the payment.