Frequently Asked Questions

We try to keep all the information about our journal publicly available. If you navigate/search our site for a specific piece of information about our journal, it is most likely that you will find it rather easily. Note that we also guide authors and reviewers in every step of the way by creating discussions within submissions. So, before contacting us directly, please make sure that the information you request is not already available to you.

Having said that, here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (and answers):


- What is the journal's scope/peer review process/publication policy/home country/history/ISSN etc ?
-> Please check our About the Journal page.

- What is the journal's country of origin/base of operation?
-> Greece (also stated in our About the Journal page).

- What is your publication fee?
-> Please visit our Publication Fee page.

- Do you have any social media account/group/page?
-> We have a LinkedIn group, which you are welcomed to join.

- How can I contact ETASR?
-> You can find our contact details at our Contact page. However, if you want to query about a specific submission, it is better to intiate a discussion within this submission at our site. This way, the discussion is easilly retrievable and trackable and there is no fear of lost correspondence (email providers may restrict emails or move them to spam folder without notice). However, if you have to contact us via email, it is best that you add our emails to the trusted/white list of your provider (this is usually easy to do from inside your account).

- What's your publication frequency?
-> ETASR is published bimonthly (February, April, June, August, October, December). However, a pre-publication of accepted manuscripts can be found at our Online First page.


- Are you indexed in  ...(whatever indexing service)... ? How can I find your journal in ...(whatever indexing service)... ? 
-> See our Indexing & Links page.

- When will my article be indexed in ...(whatever indexing service)... ?
-> Indexing services use automated procedures to index published material. The actual indexing time depends on the specific indexing service. This is a process that it is not related to us. If you have such a question, you should address it to the specific indexing service. However, it will save you some time (and effort) if you just wait a while after publication and give them the time to index the article.

- What is your ....(whatever indexing score)...?
-> See our Indexing & Links page.


- Has anybody from my institution/department/country published in ETASR before? Can you tell me if any colleagues of mine have published in ETASR?
-> Our site has a search page that you can use for your convenience. You can search using affiliations, countries, author names etc. You can also check our Latest Data & Statistics pages for lists of countries and affiliations for published authors.

- All OJS based journals used to have a Browse Authors page with an alphabetical list of authors. What happened to that feature?
-> This feature was gradually abandonded from most (if not all) OJS-based journals as it used an exact-match approach for all authors' metadata to identify different people. That meant that people with the same name working in the same department appeared as a single person and people that have changed affiliations between articles appeared as different persons. We tried to maintain the list for as much as possible, but since we decided that we will change our template and our authors' metadata scheme to include the full first name of authors (instead of initials), there was no point in still keeping this feature. So, we decided to "hide" the Browse Authors page (if you wish you can still access it here).


- Is the topic of my article included in the topics you cover?
-> Again, please check our About the Journal page.

- When will my article be published if I submit it today?
-> There is no way to guarantee a publication date as this mainly depends on the reviewers and the authors. An estimation based on past data would be about 4-6 weeks. Please note that we have our mean times publicly available at our Data & Statistics pages (you can check them on a yearly basis or see the latest update).

- Do you offer a shortcut/faster route for reviewing?
-> No.

- I see that your template is in word format but I wish to submit a LaTex file. Do you have a LaTex template?
-> No. We only accept manuscripts in word file format.

- I have a deadline that expires before the publication of your next issue. Can my accepted article be published before this deadline?
-> An accepted article can be published "online first" right after the end of the copyediting/proofreading process. This is considered a pre-publication of a part of a forthcoming issue. Instructions regarding this are posted in a discussion in the "Production" tab within your submission.

- Do you have any rules/guidelines regarding submissions?
-> Please visit our Submission page for author guidelines and download our template before submitting an article. Make sure that you have followed all our rules to avoid having the submission declined and archived.

- Can I send you my initial submission via email?
-> We do not consider files sent via email. You will have to initiate a new submission through our site, following our rules and instructions. Please refer to our Submissions page.

- Can I send the revised version of an article via email or upload it as a comment in a discussion within your site?
-> We do not consider revised versions sent via email. We do not consider revised versions uploaded as comments to a discussion. Revised version have to be uploaded through our site using the "Upload File" button to the far right of "Revisions" in the "Review" tab of the specific submission. A revised version will not be considered until it is properly uploaded using the correct procedure described above.

- Can I upload two or more documents for my revision (e.g. answer sheet, revised document, revised document with comments etc)?
-> Our standard instructions is that you have to upload a single word file (i.e. one word file that includes everythin). Details about this are sent to the corresponding author via email and are also posted in a discussion in your submission. Please follow them.

- I have just uploaded a revised version of my article inside your site. Should I also sent you an email as a notification?
-> No, our system will notify the people needed. There is no need (or use) in sending such an email.

- I downloaded your template but the format is different compared to previously published articles.
-> We decided to slightly alter our template in 2023. The change is effective for all published articles starting from Vol. 13, No. 1 (February 2023). You can read the announcement regarding this change here.

- Can I include ORCIDs in author's metadata?
-> Yes, but please make sure that it is the correct full ORCID address (it has to include the initial part). It is best to copy it directly from the ORCID site. Metadata are automatically extracted and deposited to indexing sites (e.g. DOAJ) and an invalid ORCID (e.g. starting with "http://" instead of "https://" may create an issue within the process and ultimately with the indexing of your paper.

- When I try to submit a manuscript I can not pass Stage 3 (Metadata). What do I have to do?
-> Click the "Additional Metadata" button. A new menu will appear bellow. Follow the text instructions to provide the needed information. When you click each button, detailed instructions will appear. You can always remove the metadata you have added, so do not be afraid to try. When you have completed all steps, press the "Confirm" button. This will collapse the "Additional Metadata" menu and take you back to the ending of the Metadata menu, but now a "Save and continue" button will have appeared. Press that button and you will be moved to the next stage.

- I need my manuscript to be published the soonest possible and can not wait for your next issue. Is there a solution? Is this solution charged extra?
-> We offer an Online First option to all our authors. This option is free of charge. To ask for this service, you have to ask it from our copyediting team in the production tab of your manuscript (when your manuscript reaces the production tab). Please do not post discussions in earlier stages or send emails. Copyediting and proofreading has to be concluded first.

- The DOI link on my manuscript as shown in the Online First page appears to be dead. Why?
-> We consider the Online First option to be a pre-publication of manuscripts that are published in following issues. Manuscripts that are published "Online First" are assigned a DOI but this DOI is registered only after the publication of the actual issue.


- Do you have a Reviewers Reward program? I have performed one or more reviews for your journal. What do I have to do to gain the reward?
-> Please visit our Reviewers Rewards page for information and instructions.

- How do I register as a reviewer for your journal? Can I send you an email with my data so that you register me?
-> User (and reviewer) registration is done only through our site. Click the "Register" link and this will land you to a user registration page. In that page, after giving your personal information, you can declare that you wish to be registered as a reviewer by simply ticking the "Yes, I would like to be contacted with requests to review submissions to this journal" box. This will cause a "Reviewing interests" text box to appear. You then use this box to state your reviewing interests (use commas to separate keywords). You can also volunteer as a reviewer at any time later, by simply editing your account and visiting the "Roles" tab. There you can also see and edit your review interests.

- You sent me a review request some days ago but today I can not access the manuscript. Why?
-> Each request is followed by a specific deadline. If the deadline expires, the request is cancelled.

- I want to submit my review report but I can not access the manuscript. Why?
-> Each review assignment is followed by a specific deadline. If the deadline expires, the assignment is cancelled.

- You sent me a review request which I am able (or not able) to accept. Should I send you an email to inform you about my decision?
-> No, each request includes an "accept" and a "do not accept" link that automates the procedure. Please use the one appropriate for your case.

- Can you send me a reviewer certificate?
-> Yes, simply request one from the editor.


- Can I make changes to an accepted article before publication?
-> You will be given the chance to request specific and minor changes to the accepted version during the copyediting/proofreading procedure.

- Instead of requesting specific changes during the copyediting/proofreading procedure, can I submit a revised version?
-> No, we do not accept revised versions after acceptance. You can only request specific and minor changes.

- Can I make a correction to a published article?
-> Articles can not be altered after the publication of an issue. If you wish to correct a mistake or add something, you can always submit an Erratum/Addendum article.


- Who owns the copyrights of published articles? Can I post my published article elsewhere? Can I reuse parts of it (e.g. a figure)?
-> The authors retain the copyrights of published material and grant our journal the right of first publication with the work simultaneously licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License that allows others to share the work with an acknowledgement of the work's authorship and initial publication in this journal. For more info please check our Copyright Notice.


- I published an article in your journal before November 2017 and I see that the views have dropped since. What happened?
-> We integrated the PROJECT COUNTER process to count view statistics in November 2017, so that multi-clicks and bot views are filtered by default. For more information on this (and to see the views as recorded up to the integration for each article) please visit our Metrics Information page.


- I am a convener/organiser/member of a conference committee etc and we would be interested in publishing selected articles from our conference in your journal. Is this possible?
-> Our current policy is against bulk publication. Individual articles may be submitted by their corresponding author providing that he/she follows our submission rules.

- I represent a group of scientists/organization etc and would be interested to send/submit a group of articles written by different authors. Is this possible?
-> Our current policy is against bulk publication. Individual articles may be submitted by their corresponding author providing that he/she follows our submission rules.