Numerical Investigation of the Physical Properties Effect on the Thermal Performance of a Vertical Geothermal Heat Exchanger

M. Benyoub, B. Aour, B. Bouhacina, K. Sadek


Low-temperature geothermal energy is a promising technique for heating and cooling residential and commercial premises, especially since it is one of the green energy solutions that respect the environment. The principle of this technique is based on thermal exchange between the heat pump and the basement using a vertically buried heat exchanger. This is usually made of a U-shaped tube inserted vertically in a borehole made in the ground and filled with a filler material. The purpose of the present study is to vary the different construction materials of the U-tube, the filling material and the soil, in order to obtain the most energy-efficient parameters. The evolution of temperature and heat flux as a function of time has been highlighted for different combinations. Knowing that an experimental study requires a considerable monetary fund, the present model has been validated using previously literature results. Recommendations on the choice of different materials of the geothermal heat exchanger are proclaimed at the end of this work.


geothermal energy; heat exchanger; finite volumes; temperature; heat flux

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