Simple Implementation of a Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller for a PMDC Motor with a Low Cost Arduino Mega


  • K. S. Belkhir Department of Electrical Engineering, University Ferhat Abbas Setif 1, Algeria


Control of the permanent magnetic direct current PMDC motor is a common practice, hence the importance of the implementation of the PMDC motor speed controller. The results of a fuzzy logic speed controller for the PMDC motor rely on an appropriate base. As the dimension of the rules increases, its difficulty rises which affects computation time and memory requirements. Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) can be carried out by a low-cost Arduino Mega which has a small flash memory and a maximum clock speed of 16MHz. It is realized by three membership functions and each was divided into three memberships. The results of the FLC are satisfactory, revealing superior transient and steady-state performance. In addition, the controller is robust to speed mode variations.


fuzzy logic, PMDC motor, Arduino Mega


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