Remediation of Sulfidic Wastewater by Aeration in the Presence of Ultrasonic Vibration

F. Ahmad, A. Z. Al-Khazaal, N. Ahmad, I. Alenezi


In the current study, the aerial oxidation of sodium sulfide in the presence of ultrasonic vibration is investigated. Sulfide analysis was carried out by the methylene blue method. Sodium sulfide is oxidized to elemental sulfur in the presence of ultrasonic vibration. The influence of air flow rate, initial sodium sulfide concentration and ultrasonic vibration intensity on the oxidation of sodium sulfide was investigated. The rate law equation regarding the oxidation of sulfide was determined from the experimental data. The order of reaction with respect to sulfide and oxygen was found to be 0.36 and 0.67 respectively. The overall reaction followed nearly first order kinetics.


aeration; sulfide oxidation; ultrasonic vibration; kinetics; remediation; environment; air flow rate

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