A Study of the Impact of Iron Content on the Thermal Response of the sPP/Fe Composites


  • A. Z. Al-Khazaal Department of Chemical and Material Engineering, College of Engineering, Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia
  • N. Ahmad Department of Chemical and Material Engineering, College of Engineering, Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia


A set of syndiotactic polypropylene/iron (sPP/Fe) composite samples were manufactured with the extrusion technique to study the impact of iron content on the thermal behavior of sPP/Fe composites in the melt phase. The dosage of iron contents varied from 0 to 8%. Melting point (Tm), crystallization temperature (Tc), and thermal degradation temperature (Td) were measured by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA) for each composite sample. Thermal temperatures (Tm, Tc, and Td) increased with increasing the iron contents due to the enhancement of the strength and thermal stability of the sample. This investigation is a validated fact that fillers (iron) alter both the macroscopic and microscopic properties of the polymer composites.


Thermal properties, DSC, TGA, Polymer composites, Thermal degradation temperature


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