SLA Management For Virtual Machine Live Migration Using Machine Learning with Modified Kernel and Statistical Approach

  • M. K. Hassan Future University, Khartoum, Sudan
  • A. Babiker Neelain University, Khartoum, Sudan
  • M. Baker University of Gezira, Sudan
  • M. Hamad Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
Keywords: virtual machine, migration, machine learning, SLA


Application of cloud computing is rising substantially due to its capability to deliver scalable computational power. System attempts to allocate a maximum number of resources in a manner that ensures that all the service level agreements (SLAs) are maintained. Virtualization is considered as a core technology of cloud computing. Virtual machine (VM) instances allow cloud providers to utilize datacenter resources more efficiently. Moreover, by using dynamic VM consolidation using live migration, VMs can be placed according to their current resource requirements on the minimal number of physical nodes and consequently maintaining SLAs. Accordingly, non optimized and inefficient VMs consolidation may lead to performance degradation. Therefore, to ensure acceptable quality of service (QoS) and SLA, a machine learning technique with modified kernel for VMs live migrations based on adaptive prediction of utilization thresholds is presented. The efficiency of the proposed technique is validated with different workload patterns from Planet Lab servers.



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