Buckling Stability Assessment of Plates with Various Boundary Conditions Under Normal and Shear Stresses

F. Riahi, A. Behravesh, M. Yousefzadeh Fard, A. Armaghani


In the present paper, the buckling behavior of plates subjected to shear and edge compression is investigated. The effects of the thickness, slenderness ratio and plate aspect ratio are investigated numerically. Effects of boundary conditions and loadings are also studied by considering different types of supports and loading. Finally, the results of numerical methods are compared with the theoretical results. This work mainly investigates the buckling behavior of plates but also the capabilities of program of plate-buckling (PPB) and ABAQUS for performing linear and nonlinear buckling analyses. The results will be useful for engineers designing walls or plates that have to support intermediate floors/loads.


steel plate; thin plates; buckling; finite element method; boundary condition

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