Advancing Cloud Image Security via AES Algorithm Enhancement Techniques


  • Zahraa A. Mohammed Department of Computer Science, College of Science for Women, University of Babylon, Iraq
  • Hadeel Qasem Gheni Department of Computer Science, College of Science for Women, University of Babylon, Iraq
  • Zahraa Jabbar Hussein Department of Computer Science, College of Science for Women, University of Babylon, Iraq
  • Ali Kadhum M. Al-Qurabat Department of Cyber Security, College of Science, Al-Mustaqbal University, Iraq
Volume: 14 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 12694-12701 | February 2024 |


Communication system and internet dominance in our society, has made image security a matter of paramount concern. Cryptography involves encrypting data to protect information exchange between senders and receivers, establishing a foundation for secure communication. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is an exceptional algorithm that plays a pivotal role in this area because of its ability to consistently transform plain data into cipher data using the same encryption key. This algorithm engages intricate encryption techniques, harnessing a variety of algorithms and transformations to ensure robust data security. This study introduces an image encryption technique to comprehensively address security requirements. The proposed method uses the AES algorithm to provide high reliability and unparalleled safety, effectively protecting precious images against any form of malicious attack. The sender's image is intelligently fragmented into multiple pieces to maximize data confidentiality, employing a sophisticated algorithm. Upon decryption by the intended recipient, these fragments seamlessly merge to reconstruct the original image. The suggested technique allows users to securely store their data in the cloud, mitigating concerns related to potential data leakage, damage, or corruption. Thus, by integrating a cloud-based storage system, and utilizing digital signatures through OpenSSL, this method guarantees airtight security and reliability for sensitive data.


cloud computing, cryptography, encryption, decryption, AES algorithm, digital signature, openSSL


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