Integral Backstepping Sliding Mode Control for Maximizing the Power Production of Wind Turbines


  • Habiba Abouri Systems Engineering and Information Technologies Laboratory, ENSA, Morocco
  • Fatima El Guezar Systems Engineering and Information Technologies Laboratory, ENSA, Morocco
  • Hassane Bouzahir Systems Engineering and Information Technologies Laboratory, ENSA, Morocco
  • Seif Eddine Chehaidia Ecole Nationale Polytechnique de Constantine, Algeria
  • Alessandro N. Vargas Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana, Brazil
Volume: 14 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 12950-12958 | February 2024 |


Wind turbine control has attracted increasing attention, driven in part by evolving challenges due to the growing size and complexity of wind turbines. Addressing these challenges and maximizing wind turbine power production requires the application of advanced nonlinear control methods. Sliding Mode Control (SMC) has emerged as a promising approach in this context. Recent studies have explored the integration of an integral term with SMC, called I-SMC. This technique has been shown to result in system responses that exhibit chattering phenomena with noticeable state errors. This study aimed to address these issues through the introduction of a novel controller known as Integral Backstepping SMC (IB-SMC). This study demonstrated that IBSMC not only ensured the stability of wind turbines but also outperformed other control strategies, even in the presence of disturbances of approximately 30% of the rated electromagnetic torque. To validate the effectiveness of the proposed controller, extensive simulation tests were carried out using MATLAB /Simulink software to evaluate the controller's responsiveness to rapid changes in conditions, as well as its robustness and overall performance. A comparison was carried out between the IBSMC and previous SMCs to evaluate their ability to reduce steady-state error and chattering.


wind turbines, stability, integral sliding mode control, backstepping control, nonlinear systems


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