Finite Element Analysis for the Free Vibration of a Rigid Pavement resting on a Non-uniform Elastic Foundation


  • Bui Tuan Anh University of Transport and Communications, Vietnam
  • Nguyen Trong Hiep University of Transport and Communications, Vietnam
  • Le Vinh An University of Transport and Communications, Vietnam
  • Nguyen Van Lap University of Transport and Communications, Vietnam
Volume: 14 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 12452-12456 | February 2024 |


This paper presents a finite element analysis of the free vibration behavior of rigid pavements resting on non-uniform foundations. The rigid pavement was modeled using the Mindlin plate theory, while the supporting soil medium was approximated by a Winkler model with non-uniform stiffness. A finite element formulation was established to govern the equation of free vibration for rigid pavements. Subsequently, a computer program was developed based on the proposed algorithm, enabling the determination of natural frequencies and mode shapes. The accuracy of the proposed method was verified by comparing numerical examples of free vibration with analytical results. These numerical examples also demonstrate the significant influence of the foundation stiffness on natural frequencies and mode shapes.


rigid pavement, FEM, free vibration, nonuniform foundation


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