Interference Mitigation Strategy for D2D Communication in 5G Networks


  • Sultan Alotaibi College of Computer and Information Systems, Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia
Volume: 13 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 11318-11325 | August 2023 |


Device-to-Device (D2D) communication is one of the most promising developments in 5G networks. D2D communication can reduce communication latency and increase spectrum efficiency and system capacity. However, implementing D2D communication in reuse mode with a traditional cellular network can result in severe interference that can significantly reduce network performance, as both networks share the same resources. It is essential to mitigate interference to improve network capacity when D2D communication coexists with traditional cellular networks. An effective power control strategy can help mitigate the potential detrimental impact of interference and maximize the potential benefits of D2D communication. In this study, a dynamic transmission power control strategy was proposed for D2D transmitters to allow them to dynamically adjust transmission power, aiming to minimize interference and maximize network capacity. The distance between and the number of D2D pairs that experience interference were the primary parameters considered for the proposed strategy, while its complexity was in polynomial time. A simulation was carried out to evaluate the proposed strategy and compare it with fixed and ranged-based approaches, and the results validated its effectiveness.


5G, D2D, interference, power control


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