An Efficient Adaptive Load Balancing Algorithm for Cloud Computing Under Bursty Workloads


  • S. F. Issawi Islamic University of Gaza, Gaza, Palestine
  • A. Al Halees Islamic University of Gaza, Gaza, Palestine
  • M. Radi Al-Aqsa University, Gaza, Palestine


Cloud computing is a recent, emerging technology in the IT industry. It is an evolution of previous models such as grid computing. It enables a wide range of users to access a large sharing pool of resources over the internet. In such complex system, there is a tremendous need for an efficient load balancing scheme in order to satisfy peak user demands and provide high quality of services. One of the challenging problems that degrade the performance of a load balancing process is bursty workloads. Although there are a lot of researches proposing different load balancing algorithms, most of them neglect the problem of bursty workloads. Motivated by this problem, this paper proposes a new burstness-aware load balancing algorithm which can adapt to the variation in the request rate by adopting two load balancing algorithms: RR in burst and Random in non-burst state. Fuzzy logic is used in order to assign the received request to a balanced VM. The algorithm has been evaluated and compared with other algorithms using Cloud Analyst simulator.  Results show that the proposed algorithm improves the average response time and average processing time in comparison with other algorithms.


cloud computing, cloud analyst, burstness, fuzzifier, load balancing algorithm


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