Reliability Analysis of an Uncertain Single Degree of Freedom System Under Random Excitation


  • M. S. M. Noori Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq
  • R. M. Abbas Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq
Volume: 12 | Issue: 5 | Pages: 9252-9257 | October 2022 |


In practical engineering problems, uncertainty exists not only in external excitations but also in structural parameters. This study investigates the influence of structural geometry, elastic modulus, mass density, and section dimension uncertainty on the stochastic earthquake response of portal frames subjected to random ground motions. The North-South component of the El Centro earthquake in 1940 in California is selected as the ground excitation. Using the power spectral density function, the two-dimensional finite element model of the portal frame’s base motion is modified to account for random ground motions. A probabilistic study of the portal frame structure using stochastic finite elements utilizing Monte Carlo simulation is presented using the finite element program ABAQUS. The dynamic reliability and probability of failure of stochastic and deterministic structures based on the first-passage failure were examined and evaluated. The results revealed that the probability of failure increases due to the randomness of stiffness and mass of the structure. The influence of uncertain parameters on reliability analysis depends on the extent of variance in structural parameters.


Reliability, Monte Carlo simulation, uncertain system, random excitation, stochastic, finite element


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