Developing Activities for Teaching Cloud Computing and Virtualization


  • E. Erturk School of Computing, Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand
  • B. Maharjan School of Computing, Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand
Volume: 4 | Issue: 5 | Pages: 702-705 | October 2014 |


Cloud computing and virtualization are new but indispensable components of computer engineering and information systems curricula for universities and higher education institutions. Learning about these topics is important for students preparing to work in the IT industry. In many companies, information technology operates under tight financial constraints. Virtualization, (for example storage, desktop, and server virtualization), reduces overall IT costs through the consolidation of systems. It also results in reduced loads and energy savings in terms of the power and cooling infrastructure. Therefore it is important to investigate the practical aspects of this topic both for industry practice and for teaching purposes. This paper demonstrates some activities undertaken recently by students at the Eastern Institute of Technology New Zealand and concludes with general recommendations for IT educators, software developers, and other IT professionals. 


information technology, computer engineering, cloud computing, virtualization


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