Development of an Alumni Databank: The Case of Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology



The Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology is the third oldest University in Nueva Ecija province. As the year progresses, the University keeps producing thousands of graduates during each academic year. An average of 4,737 individuals graduated from different programs during the past five years. The University is obligated by the Commission on Higher Education to collect up-to-date data and information through the CHECK system. Unfortunately, the office of alumni affairs and placement, which is in charge to collect and manage the graduates' information, does not have an automated alumni database system. This paper presents the development of an alumni databank. The online database record management system for alumni considerably benefits the University's Alumni Affairs and Placement Office, particularly in tracing its graduates and managing graduates' profile information. It can manage alumni profiles, notify graduates of job advertisements, and is capable of generating statistical reports with data analytics. Security measures were also employed to protect against any potential system breach and unauthorized use.


Alumni Databank, Electronic Collection, Analytics, Higher Education Institution


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