Efficiency Assessment of a Signalized Roundabout and a Traffic Intersection in Baghdad City


  • H. H. Mohammed Department of Civil Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq
  • M. Q. Ismail Department of Civil Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq
Volume: 11 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 7910-7916 | December 2021 | https://doi.org/10.48084/etasr.4564


In Baghdad city, Iraq, the traffic volumes have rapidly grown during the last 15 years. Road networks need to reevaluate and decide if they are operating properly or not regarding the increase in the number of vehicles. Al-Jadriyah intersection (a four-leg signalized intersection) and Kamal Junblat Square (a multi-lane roundabout), which are two important intersections in Baghdad city with high traffic volumes, were selected to be reevaluated by the SIDRA package in this research. Traffic volume and vehicle movement data were abstracted from videotapes by the Smart Traffic Analyzer (STA) Software. The performance measures include delay and LOS. The analysis results by SIDRA Intersection 8.0.1 show that the performance of the roundabout is better than the signalized intersection but experiences high delay, and low LOS. Therefore, alternatives are proposed to improve the performance for current and future traffic volumes with low-medium delays.


signalized intersection, multi-lane roundabout, RMS delay spread, LOS


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