Analysis of the Wavelet Domain Filtering Approach for Video Super-Resolution


  • M. V. Daithankar Electronics Engineering Department, Walchand College of Engineering, India
  • S. D. Ruikar Electronics Engineering Department, Walchand College of Engineering, India
Volume: 11 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 7477-7482 | August 2021 |


The wavelet domain-centered algorithms for the super-resolution research area give better visual quality and have been explored by different researchers. The visual quality is achieved with increased complexity and cost as most of the systems embed different pre- and post-processing techniques. The frequency and spatial domain-based methods are the usual approaches for super-resolution with some benefits and limitations. Considering the benefits of wavelet domain processing, this paper deals with a new algorithm that depends on wavelet residues. The methodology opts for wavelet domain filtering and residue extraction to get super-resolved frames for better visuals without embedding other techniques. The avoidance of noisy high-frequency components from low-quality videos and the consideration of edge information in the frames are the main targets of the super-resolution process. This inverse process is carried with a proper combination of information present in low-frequency bands and residual information in the high-frequency components. The efficient known algorithms always have to sacrifice simplicity to achieve accuracy, but in the proposed algorithm efficiency is achieved with simplicity. The robustness of the algorithm is tested by analyzing different wavelet functions and at different noise levels. The proposed algorithm performs well in comparison to other techniques from the same domain.


observation model, super-resolution, video quality parameters, wavelet residuals, wavelet domain processing


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