An Ultra-Wideband Band Pass Filter using Metal Insulator Metal Waveguide for Nanoscale Applications


  • S. K. Bitra Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Koneru Lakshamaiah Education Foundation, India
  • S. Miriyala Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Koneru Lakshamaiah Education Foundation, India


A T-stub Square Ring Resonator (SRR) based Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Band Pass Filter (BPF) is studied and investigated in this paper. The proposed filter is based on coupled feed line connected to the T-stub SRR. Ultra-wideband characteristics can be realized by adjusting the T-stub lengths and coupling the gaps between both sides of waveguides and SRR. The characteristics of the T-stub SRR show that the miniaturized UWB BPF can be operated at THz frequencies. The proposed UWB filter is simulated and analyzed using the Finite Differential Time Domain (FDTD) solver-based Computer Simulation Technology (CST) studio suite. The resonance conditions are explained and the transmission performance of the filter agrees with the simulated and theoretical calculations. The proposed filter is best suitable for Electronic-Plasmonic Integrated Circuits (EPICs).


Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM), ring resonator, coupled lines, Finite Differential Time Domain (FDTD), Ultra-Wide Band (UWB), T-stub


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