Realization of a Single-Phase Multilevel Inverter for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System

A. Nouaiti, A. Mesbahi, A. Saad, M. Khafallah, M. Reddak


This paper introduces the implementation of a single-phase multilevel inverter for a grid-connected photovoltaic system. The considered topology contains a full bridge converter tied to an auxiliary circuit made of two power switches. A proportional integral (PI) current controller is established with this inverter to inject a sinusoidal current into the grid with a power factor near to unity. The studied system is tested on Matlab/Simulink and verified by experiment through a test bench comprising of a fabricated prototype and a DSP TMS320F28379D. The obtained results prove the efficiency of the inverter to maintain a direct power flow from DC sources, such as solar panels, to the grid by respecting some normalized criteria for this operation.


PV; multilevel inverter; PI controller; SPWM; DSP; grid connected system

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