Analysis of D2D Communications over Gamma/Nakagami Fading Channels

Z. Hussain, A. ur R. Khan, H. Mehdi, S. M. A. Saleem


In this paper, we investigate the outage probability, channel capacity and symbol error rate (SER) performance of device-to-device (D2D) communication systems. The D2D communication system is affected by several co-channel interferers. Gamma fading channel is considered for the D2D communication system. The channel for the co-channel interference is assumed to be Nakagami faded. An expression for the probability density function (PDF) of the signal-to-interference ratio (SIR) is presented. The PDF is a function of distances between various devices in the D2D system, path-loss, channel fading conditions and signal powers. Based on the PDF expression, we present the expressions for the outage, channel capacity and SER. With the help of numerical results the performance of D2D communication system is discussed under various conditions of interference, path-loss and channel fading.


channel capacity; co-channel interference; D2D communication; outage; gamma fading; Nakagami fading

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