The Effect of Measurement Error on X̃-R̃ Fuzzy Control Charts

M. Moameni, A. Saghaei, M. Ghorbani Salanghooch


Control charts are tools used for monitoring manufacturing processes. Fuzzy Set Theory has found its way in control charts and new types of fuzzy control charts, with different capabilities, has been introduced. In this paper, a process in which the result of the measuring of each piece is imprecise is studied, and a X̃-R̃ fuzzy control chart is used for monitoring. The aim is to study the effect of measurement error on the effectiveness of the fuzzy control chart to detect out of control situations. The model used in this research is a linear covariate model. ARL parameters are used to study the performance of the fuzzy control chart when the parameters of covariate model is increased or decreased.


process control; fuzzy control chart; average run length (ARL); measurement error.

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