New Template Uploaded

15 February 2022

We have uploaded a new template that includes the dates related to the handling of each manuscript (i.e. received, revised, accepted).

If the link to our template appears to be dead or it is leading to a "forbidden" or "blank" page then please do a browser refresh or a browser hard refresh while navigating through our site or erase all the cache/cookies/history in your browsers related to our site.

Doing a hard refresh or clearing your cache/cookies/history is a very simple task and a simple web search should inform you on how to do it (if you do not already know).

In general most browsers use "control+F5" to hard refresh.
In some cases, the "shift" key may be used instead of the "control" key, and the "R" key instead of the "F5" key.
A combination of "shift+control+R" may also be used.

Please note that:
- different browsers may use different shortcut keys for refresh and hard refresh.
- the same browser may use different shortcut keys on different systems (e.g. Windows or Mac).
- shortcut keys are user defined in several browsers.