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Ha, V. T., Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Transport and Communications, Vietnam
Habib, S., Neurocomputation Lab, National Centre of Artificial Intelligence, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan
Habibi, S., Djillali Liabes University of Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria
Habibi, S., Department of Mechanics, Mustapha Stambouli University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Algeria
Hachicha, M., National Researches Institute of Water, Forest and Rural Engineering, Ariana, Tunisia
Haddad, A., Faculty of Civil Engineering, Semnan University, Iran
Haddadi, F., School of Electrical Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, Iran
Haddaoui, N., Department of Process Engineering, Ferhat Abbas Setif University 1, Algeria
Hadi, M. A. S., Department of Civil Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq
Hadj Lajimi, R., Chemistry Department, College of Science, University of Ha'il, Saudi Arabia

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