The New Dataset MITWPU-1K for Object Recognition and Image Captioning Tasks


Volume: 12 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 8803-8808 | August 2022 |


In the domain of image captioning, many pre-trained datasets are available. Using these datasets, models can be trained to automatically generate image descriptions regarding the contents of an image. Researchers usually do not spend much time in creating and training the new dataset before using it for a specific application, instead, they simply use existing pre-trained datasets. MS COCO, ImageNet, Flicker, and Pascal VOC, are well-known datasets that are widely used in the task of generating image captions. In most available image captioning datasets, image textual information, which can play a vital role in generating more precise image descriptions, is missing. This paper presents the process of creating a new dataset that consists of images along with text and captions. Images of the nearby vicinity of the campus of MIT World Peace University-MITWPU, India, were taken for the new dataset named MITWPU-1K. This dataset can be used in object detection and caption generation of images. The objective of this paper is to highlight the steps required for creating a new dataset. This necessitated a review of the existing dataset models prior to creating the new dataset. A sequential convolutional model for detecting objects on a new dataset is also presented. The process of creating a new image captioning dataset and the gained insights are described.


convolutional model, dataset, image captioning, image labelling, object detection


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