Monitoring and Analysis of Agricultural Field Parameters in Order to Increase Crop Yield through a Colored Object Tracking Robot, Image Processing, and IOT


  • S. M. Usha Electronics and Communication Engineering, JSS Academy of Technical Education, India
  • H. B. Mahesh Computer Science Engineering, PES University, India
Volume: 12 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 8791-8795 | August 2022 |


Adequately watering plants is a challenging task. Over- and under-watering may harm plants and seeds, as excess or restraint watering reduces crop production and yield. This study presents a method to remotely monitor and efficiently water agricultural fields to increase crop production by utilizing advanced technologies such as internet things, robotics, image processing, and neural networks. Accurate smoothing and image segmentation techniques were employed to study the plants' conditions. Color median, Gaussian, and hybrid median filters were employed to preprocess the data before segmentation and classification. The hybrid median filter and multilevel luminance grading system were employed to increase the quality of the image. The k-means clustering approach was used for image segmentation. The signal-to-noise ratios of the original and recreated images were compared and analyzed.


image clustering, hybrid median image smoothing, IoT, robotics, agricultural applications


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