Application of the Dependency Graph Method in the Analysis of Automatic Transmission Gearboxes

  • A. Deptuła Department of Management and Production Engineering, Faculty of Production Engineering and Logistics, Opole University of Technology, Poland


The current article discusses the use of the dependency graph method to design and analyze automatic transmissions. Different goals may be served by modeling an automatic transmission using graphs. The most important of them are: determining the gear ratios for gears and the analysis of speed and acceleration of the rotating elements. Game tree-structure methods can be used to analyze the functional schemes of the selected gears. This paper describes the method of generating a system of kinematics equations for signal dependency graphs. This allows the generalization and extension of the algorithmic approach, and also further analyses and syntheses, such as checking the isomorphism of the proposed solutions and determining the validity of the structure and the operational parameters of the analyzed gears.

Keywords: computational model, computer aided design, optimization, graph theory, mechanical engineering


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