Implementation of Lean Manufacturing in a Cement Industry



The lean manufacturing concept is a systematic minimization of waste and non-value activities in production processes introduced by the Toyota production system. In this research, lean manufacturing is implemented in a cement production line. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is applied to give a clear picture of the value chain in cement production processes and to highlight the non-value-added in the shop floor. To begin, the existing VSM is constructed based on the information and data gathered during visiting and observing the manufacturing process in the firm. As a result, the excess inventory between workstations was identified as a major waste generation, hence, the proposed VSM conducts further improvement and makes action plans to alleviate the unwanted activities. Then, the takt time to ensure smooth material flow and to avoid any occurring delay or bottleneck in the production line was figured out. The supermarket pull-based production control is suggested to be adopted in the future map. Two pull production strategies are selected in this case. The first is applying the Kanban system to control the level of inventory between workstations. The other is the CONWIP approach to control the amount of work in process to the entire production line. The outcome of the proposed models indicates a decrease of the none-value time from 23 days in the current state to about 4 and 2 days in Kanban and CONWIP systems respectively, so the CONWIP was suggested as most efficient. Some suggestions for further research are also mentioned.


cement industry, CONWIP, kanban, pull systems, value stream mapping, lean manufacturing


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