Mohr-Coulomb and Hardening Soil Model Comparison of the Settlement of an Embankment Dam

A. H. Bhutto, S. Zardari, M. A. Zardari, G. S. Bhurgri, B. A. Memon, R. Bhanbhro, M. M. Babar


In this study, numerical analysis of an embankment dam was carried out to predict settlement behavior with the use of the Mohr-Coulomb Model (MCM) and of the Hardening Soil Model (HSM). The MCM was applied to all material zones of the dam and the HSM was used for four major material zones that occupied significant volume. The settlement response of the dam was similar for MCM and HSM for three material zones (clay core, sandy gravel and random fill), each having a modulus of elasticity (MOE) in the range of 25000 to 50000kPa. However, it was found that after the end of the construction, the MCM showed about 57% and 50% more settlement as compared to HSM when MOE of sandy siltstone varied from 70000 to 125000kPa respectively. The results regarding the dam settlement predicted with the HSM are in agreement with the findings in previous studies.


settlement; embankment dam; hardening soil model; Mohr Coulomb model; modulus of elasticity

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