An Arduino-Based System for Monitoring and Protecting Overvoltage and Undervoltage

D. D. Tung, N. M. Khoa


In this paper, an experimental system based on Arduino Uno microcontroller board was developed for measuring electrical quantities and protecting overvoltage and undervoltage conditions in a single-phase power supply. The main components are described in detail, including the hardware and software to build the system in which an Arduino Uno platform is implemented as a vital microcontroller to read voltage and current measurement from a voltage sensor (ZMPT101B) and a current sensor (ACS712) respectively. In addition, the Arduino is also used to send all measurement to a PC through a serial port for monitoring the measured data graphically. The proposed method for designing the software uses the root mean square (RMS) method for measuring electrical quantities and then the RMS voltage measurement is compared with the minimum voltage and the maximum voltage to switch on or switch off the load. The monitoring GUI is designed with the use of the free and open-source Telemetry Viewer v0.5 software to monitor RMS voltage, RMS current, active power, and trip signal of the experimental system. The experimental results in this paper demonstrate that the system operated correctly.


experiment system; overvoltage; undervoltage; real-time measurement; voltage relay

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