Precise Generators Synchronization a Small HPP with an Excitation System


  • A. Tsolov Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria
Volume: 8 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 2839-2846 | April 2018 |


The main problem in the process of synchronization of small synchronous generators in HPPs is the maintenance of a constant difference in the angular velocities of the generator and the system (sliding). This is necessary for the correct operation of any automatic accurate synchronization algorithm. This article proposes a method based on the combined action of the excitation system and the speed regulator of synchronous generators. The results provide a basis for the practical implementation of the proposed algorithm relevant for mathematical and physical research.


excitation system, constatnt leakage, synchronous generator, small HPP, multi channel regulator, mathematical model, physicall modeling, FEM, Simulink


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