Generation of a New Three Dimension Autonomous Chaotic Attractor and its Four Wing Type

F. Yu, C. Wang


In this paper, a new three-dimension (3D) autonomous chaotic system with a nonlinear term in the form of a hyperbolic sine (or cosine) function is reported. Some interesting and complex attractors are obtained. Basic dynamical properties of the new chaotic system are demonstrated in terms of Lyapunov exponents, Poincare mapping, fractal dimension and continuous spectrum. Meanwhile, for further enhancing the complexity of the topological structure of the new chaotic attractors, the attractors are changed from two-wing to four-wing through making axis doubly polarized, theoretically analyzed and numerically simulated. The obtained results clearly show that the chaotic system deserves further detailed investigation.


3D chaotic attractor; chaotic system; hyperbolic sine; four-wing; axis doubly polarized

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