MANETS and Internet of Things: The Development of a Data Routing Algorithm


  • I. A. Alameri Computer Center, Jabir Ibn Hayyan Medical University, Iraq
Volume: 8 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 2604-2608 | February 2018 |


Internet of things (IoT), is an innovative technology which allows the connection of physical things with the digital world through the use of heterogeneous networks and communication technologies. IoT in smart environments interacts with wireless sensor network (WSN) and mobile ad‐hoc network (MANET), becoming even more attractive and economically successful. Interaction between wireless sensor and mobile ad‐hoc networks with the internet of things allows the creation of a new MANET‐IoT systems and IT‐based networks. Such systems give the user greater mobility and reduce costs. At the same time new challenging issues are opened in networking aspects. In this work, author proposed a routing solution for the IoT system using a combination of MANET protocols and WSN routing principles. The presented results of solution's investigation provide an effective approach to efficient energy consumption in the global MANET‐IoT system. That is a step forward to a reliable provision of services over global future internet infrastructure.


IoT, MANET, dynamic routing, wireless sensor network


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