Using Fast Hot Shock Wave Consolidation Technology to Produce Superconducting MgB2

T. Gegechkori, G. Mamniashvili, A. Peikrishvili, V. Peikrishvili, B. Godibadze


The original hot shock wave assisted consolidation method combining high temperature was applied with the two-stage explosive process without any further sintering to produce superconducting materials with high density and integrity. The consolidation of MgB2 billets was performed at temperatures above the Mg melting point and up to 1000oC in partially liquid condition of Mg-2B blend powders. The influence of the type of boron (B) isotope in the composition on critical temperature and superconductive properties was evaluated. An example of a hybrid Cu-MgB2–Cu superconducting tube is demonstrated and conclusions are discussed.


superconductivity; MgB2; fast fabrication; explosive consolidation; hybrid energy lines; magnetization; isotopic effect

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