Design of Multi-Layer Optical Fibers with Ring Refractive Index to Reduce Dispersion and Increase Bandwidth in Broadband Optical Networks

  • M. Seifouri Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Iran
  • M. M. Karkhanehchi Razi University, Faculty of Engineering, Iran
  • S. Rohani Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Faculty of ECE, Iran
Keywords: single-mode fiber, dispersion, dispersion slope, optimization algorithm


The main goal in this paper is to design single-mode optical fibers for DWDM networks, which are used today in rapid communications. These networks require low dispersion in a wide range of wavelengths.  So, in this paper, multi-layer optical fibers with low dispersion value and flat dispersion slope in wavelength range of 1.5-1.6µm) are designed, using optimization algorithms.


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