Representing IT Projects Risk Management Best Practices as a Metamodel

A. El Yamami, S. Ahriz, K. Mansouri, M. Qbadou, E. Illoussamen


Although still relatively new, the field of IT Governance has its own bodies of knowledge that include various methodologies, frameworks and techniques supported by an increasing growing base of research. IT Project Risk Management has since emerged as its own field. Many frameworks and methodologies were proposed by both practitioners and researchers. A review of the literature about the subject shows that there is a divergence between the two. The practitioners propose a set of good practices from professional environment but the heaviness of the proposed guides does not allow its application and adoption by managers or it’s improvement by researchers. Thus it calls for specific focus on IT governance frameworks best practices modelling in order to reach fusion between practitioners and researchers contributions. In this paper, special attention is dedicated to Project Management Institute’s guides. The main objective is representing IT Project Risk Management best practices as a Metamodel in order to complement different areas of knowledge.


project management; risk management; PMBOK; Prince2

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