Journal History

Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research was firstly published in February 2011 as a group effort of active researchers and engineers to have their “own” journal.

The goal was to introduce a journal "from researchers for researchers". Collective experience available from interacting with the publishing industry from various positions (authors, reviewers, editors etc) was employed as a guide throughout the journal's planning and operation.

Accurate and fast reviews, thorough copyediting, fast and efficient responses, internationality, flexibility and focusing on the goal of communicating research findings and engineering/technology applications were the goals set.

As we gained in experience, several things were redesigned. We decided to “open” our editorial board to new members in late 2011. The steady-number-of-papers-per-issue scheme was abandoned in December 2012. More changes were made in the following year (2013). The first hard copy collective volume was published in 2013. New pages were added in the journal’s site providing useful data & statistics as well as links to the interested reader. An effort was made to give something back to the community by sponsoring events and becoming a Publishing Member of DOAJ.

In late 2013, Science magazine published a study describing the submission of a fake research article to more than 300 open-access journals. ETASR was one of the 98 journals that declined the bogus paper. 

ETASR was added to Web of Science and to the Thomson Reuters Master Journal List in late 2015. For more info, check our INDEXING & LINKS page. In general, ETASR can be found in T&R using the search page using ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY & APPLIED SCIENCE RESEARCH and choosing "Full Journal Title" from the drop down menu (click here to go directly to the search result). The entry originates from the Emerging Sources Citation Index

ETASR continues its operation always aiming to the best possible result for authors and readers. No bulk publication, no numerous journals/papers, no conferences, no money making scheme.

ETASR is published by EOS Association, a nonprofit organization based in Peloponnisos, Greece aiming to promote culture, science & education.

A link to the association's website can be found here.